Jessica Fertonani Cooke  

I am a Brazilian socio-ploitical researcher, activist and multidisciplinary artist.

My work utilizes performance, video and installation to expose the body as a hybrid-type living in the complexity of its territory; that being a psychic-spiritual space, geo-political land or intra-social landscapes.

My concern lies on comprehending the borderlines between these places. As an individual that carries a mestizo body from two immigrant based countries: Brazil and USA (Hawaii) my research naturally stems from the 3rd place of mix-bloodedness. My challenge is to study the ‘mixing’ or ‘cross-overs’ within the bodies of objects, landscape, sounds, mythologies, animals, social structures, state-politics living inside a neoliberal western post-industrial era. More specifically within the America’s, the territorial wars and chronic illness it has manifested upon itself, the construction of its failed system and on its dysfunctional relationship to the land.

The endless amount of diversity a body can withhold and borders it can cross is the same amount of bridges it can make. Carrying out the idea that the Body lives in a system, which can transform its paradoxes once in profound relationship with all its facets. As such, every boundary is a war we created with the possibility to be transcended.

I completed my absolvent in fine arts at the Art University of Berlin (UdK) under the mentorship of scenographer and painter Mark Lammert and my MFA in studio art at the San Francisco Art Institute.
I have participated of selected exhibitions such as the San Francisco International Art Festival (SFIAF), Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt, the 55 project in Miami and Nars Foundation in Brooklyn. As co-creater and performer I have participated in collectives for Blacklash performance festival in Zürich with Jorge Raka, the Taos Paseo Festival with Guillermo Gomez-Peña’s La Pocha Nostra, The Lab in San Francisco with Cristobal Martinez and Guillermo Galindo and for Agora Collective for the Month of Performance Art festival at L’Atelie Kunst Spiele Raum, Berlin, Germany.