I don’t know if I will stay here with Jorge RAKA 

Backslash Festival,
Zürich, Switzerland, 2019
Duration: 15min

Backslash Festival, Tokyo Data Collective and Gessneralle Theatre


- Performers: Jorge Raka and Jessica Fertonani Cooke

- Video: Lucien Jeanprêtre

I don’t know if I will stay here alludes to the history of the wheel and how this instrument tells us: nobody will occupy exactly the same position twice. It makes us wonder If I should transform my body with the wheel and become the constant change of post-industrial society?


The performance is a wheel/body symbiosis, where the interaction bewteen install, space and body allows us to imagine other routes, other roads, creating new highways. It speaks to the physical mutations of our body as an ancient site inside socio-economic transformations and the history of urbanism of a fragmented modern society.

Wheels dragged by beasts (Ruedas arrastrados por bestias) Historically it is said that in the new world the wheel was not known, but in 192 something extraordinary was going to happen, Henry Ford speaks with the Charles Goodyear creator of the tires to tell him, that if he does not do something to show the Indians of the Americas the magic rubber that makes bouncing wheels he was going to do it.

Goodyear inventor of the tires (in Greek that means lung) gives him all the permission. Then in that same year, Ford, the car magnate, starts his great project builds The City of Ford-landia, yes, a bit of USA in the heart of the Amazon. The idea of the project was to manufacture tires in the lungs of the world, but the Amazo Indians were not accustomed to industrial work schedules, nor to the fast food that Ford offered them. Ford frustrated with all the losses and revolts of the workers, decides t abandon the project and the city of Ford-landia.