He who sees

Year: 2016
Duration: 8:35 min

Embedded between imagery and narration is codified a tale of death and sacrifice. The tale of Odin’s rise to wisdom appears as if his flesh were buried underneath the snow, among the vestiges of bodies and bones given as sacrifice to the knowledge received. One could understand the woman’s dull voiceover as an examination of the natural elements and tools laid out over snow, but the script only vaguely re-counts what one sees, leaving behind a gap - a surplus or lack of meaning. It enacts the language of scientific complexity, but also dodges to recodify the rising of science, its emergence out of the tradition of magic.
The corpses, bones and tools in the work seem to predict a time in which spells and amulets were progressively replaced by Wunderkammers - cabinets of curiosity. The work attempts to re-enact a time when magic was replaced by an overconfident objective mode of thinking and its obsession for collecting death and otherness.