Jessica Fertonani Cooke -
Jessica Fertonani Cooke -

SPECTACLE OF THE SNAKE/ perfromance/ 26 min/ 2017


Spectacle of the Snake II targets 'spectacle‘ as sickness in a societal drift while handling issues of urgency. Specific to this performance: the spectacle of an art opening as an homage to the urgent role Art plays in present political crisis within the America's and worldwide. 

The physical challenge of the performance and the charcoal’s nature and aesthetic plays reference to industrial work force in juxtaposition to artistic work force. Although both work forces are absolutely different and shouldn't be equalized, they can dialogue from the stand point of: 

1st - coal as its starting point. 

2nd - a form of survival. 

Working with charcoal overrules basic comprehension of health when in contact with our bodies and in labor exploitation, whereas sickening the body in the name of labor and survival has been normalized in the face of economical warfare. Fertonani Cooke brings these concerns to light not to resolve or educate but to create movement within it. The utilization of the SNAKE is a reference to ritual and notions of shamanic healing, where the ambiguity of the snake is that its venom can kill as it can heal. The reference to ritual stems from the necessity of bringing forth non-westernized tools to complicate the linguistics of our present mixed cultural bodies in both work forces, including the artist herself.