Jessica Fertonani Cooke is a Brazilian artist from São Paulo. She completed her absolvent in fine arts at the Art University of Berlin (UdK) under the mentorship of set designer and painter Mark Lammert and her graduate studies in studio art in San Francisco Art Institute. She has lived in Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and United States of America.

She utilizes performance, video and installation to expose the body as a hybrid-type (half civil/half animal - nature/non-nature) and its acceptance/rejection to post-colonial and capitalist society. She discusses this hybrid between dysfunction and cure in its process of transformation with the underlining question: how can the body (spanning from historical/ political/ biological/ mythological/ emotional/ spiritual ancestry) carry the weight of personal and collective experience and how does this propagate in one’s self, into a nation and into the land?

Fertonani Cooke has participated of selected exhibitions such as the month of performance as member of Agora Collective in L’Atelie Kunst Spiele Raum, Berlin, Germany, ACT Festival in Luzern and Zürich, Switzerland, single performance in Pro Arts, Oakland, USA, and Body + Land = Escape in the 55 project, Miami, USA.